The mission of Cadets of the Ole War Skule is to preserve and promote the contributions of LSU’s military alumni to the nation.

Cadets of the Ole War Skule functions in accordance with the guidelines stipulated in our By-Laws. For additional organizational information regarding the day-to-day operations of Cadets of the Ole War Skule, as well as information concerning the Board, officers, and committees, please refer to the By-Laws.

Officers/Board of Directors

Executive Committee

John W. Milazzo, Jr.
Vice President
Jake Netterville
RDML Ryland Percy

Board of Directors

MG Glenn Curtis
BG John Dunlap
COL Cindy Haygood
Richard A. Lipsey
Judge Mike McDonald
John W. Milazzo, Jr.
Jake Netterville
RDML Ryland Percy
MG Harry “Skip” Philips


Dr. F. King Alexander
Jackie Bartkiewicz
Bryan Benchoff
Dr. Troy Blanchard
LTC Rian Carter
Norman Deumite
Dr. Randy Gurie
Dr. Stacia Haynie
Laura Leach
Rick Perry
CAPT Dean Rawls
C/COL Dallas Sampey
Lt Col Evan “Tex” Scaggs
Harvey Schwartzberg
Cliff Vannoy
Dr. Daniel C. Walsh
Felix Weill
Mary Werner


John Capdevielle
W. Griffin Jones
John B. Staples