Cadets of the Ole War Skule functions in accordance with the guidelines stipulated in our By-Laws. For additional organizational information regarding the day-to-day operations of Cadets of the Ole War Skule, as well as information concerning the Board, officers, and committees, please refer to the By-Laws.

Officers/Board of Directors

Executive Committee

Richard Lipsey
Vice President
William “Bill” O’Quin
Dr. Ken Paxton
LTC Cal Robbins

Board of Directors

Alden André
Peter Burland
MG Glenn Curtis
Norman Deumite
MG Hunt Downer
COL John Dunlap
Michael Fontenot
Judge Doug Gonzales
COL F.W. Grant
L. Lane Grigsby
COL Jerry Juneau
Franklin Kyle
LTC Doug Levet
Richard Lipsey
Dr. Denver Loupe
Richard Manship
Jimmy Maurin
Markham McKnight
John W. Milazzo, Jr.
William “Bill” O’Quin
Dr. Ken Paxton
RADM Ryland Percy
MG Harry “Skip” Philips
LTC Cal Robbins
Harvey Schwartzberg
Bobby Theriot
Col Elwood Tircuit
Dr. Jesse Walker
Tommy Wallace
COL William “Bill” Waters


Dr. F. King Alexander
Jackie Bartkiewicz
LTC Larry Burns
Dr. Gaines Foster
Lee Griffin
Dr. Randy Gurie
Laura Leach
MIDN Robert C. Marshall
Lt Col Wade Pertuit
MG Ron Richard
CAPT Rosco Ross
Cliff Vannoy
Dr. Daniel C. Walsh
Felix Weill


John Capdevielle
BG Levy Dabadie
John Staples