Induction into the Hall of Honor for Distinguished LSU Military Alumni is the highest recognition conferred by LSU and Cadets of the Ole War Skule for military service that does not involve death in the line of duty.

Criteria for selection include:

  • An outstanding military career in the active component or the reserve of any service or in the National Guard, including consideration of service in positions of significant responsibility
  • Military promotions, awards, and decorations
  • Contributions to / involvement with LSU and the community

Nominations may be submitted by anyone. Those eligible for induction into the Hall of Honor are LSU alumni (actual or by choice) and LSU faculty, staff, and students who have enjoyed a significant relationship with or made significant contributions to LSU.

A nomination is considered “Open” for a three-year period. Nominees who were eligible but not recommended by the selection committee in their first year of nomination will automatically be resubmitted to the committee the following year (second review). If a nominee is not selected after consideration in the second year, the nominee will be automatically resubmitted to the committee the following year (third review). If a nominee is not selected after consideration the third year, the nominee will be dropped from further consideration. Nominees not selected may be renominated after one year or at some time in the future if the nominee has demonstrated additional accomplishments. Board members, and/or members of the selection committee who may be nominees will recuse themselves from voting.

The Board of Directors selects inductees into the Hall of Honor from among those nominees who are recommended by the Awards committee appointed by the President of Cadets of the Ole War Skule. Recipients are recognized during LSU Salutes.


The awards shall be presented each year during the Annual Assembly of Cadets of the Ole War Skule as part of LSU Salutes (which usually occurs in November on the weekend of the home football game nearest Veterans Day.)

  1. Presentations will be made by the Chancellor during LSU Salutes.
  2. A brief biography and accomplishments of each honoree will be prepared in advance and read at the presentation ceremony.
  3. The University will assist in publicizing the event prior to and following the presentation.
  4. The award shall consist of a plaque of quality and design, consistent with the purpose of the award and a commemorative medal reflecting the year and the name of the honoree.
  5. The name of each honoree shall be displayed in an appropriate place of prominence the LSU Military Museum, upon completion) for broad recognition and open viewing so as to disseminate widely general knowledge of the Hall of Honor and its honorees. The Hall of Honor recognition shall consist of a large plaque of quality and design consistent with the purpose of the honor and shall include the year and name of each honoree, along with a handsomely bound volume on display that contains on a single sheet the year, picture, name, and citation of each honoree in a manner that allows annual addition of a similar sheet for each subsequent honoree.

To nominate someone for the Hall of Honor, download an application here.
Ole War Skule Hall of Honor Nomination Form (PDF)

We also have a completed example form indicating how the information should be placed on the Nomination Form.
Download link for the example.

Note: Due to multiple operating systems and web browsers, opening this PDF directly in your web browser can produce inconsistent results. It is best to download the PDF form to your computer/laptop and then open the PDF using Acrobat Reader.
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List of past honorees