Every effort is made to maintain an accurate and up-to-date recognition of those military alumni who are no longer with us. If you notice an error in our information, please share that with us. Should you wish to add a military alumnus to the list, please forward that information to our office via email or regular mail and include your name and other contact information. Your assistance and support are greatly appreciated as we seek to honor those who have served our nation in times of both war and peace.

John Charles “Charlie” Bonnette
Mr. William T. “Billy” Bowles
Mr.  Esper K. Chandler
Mr. Jack B. Cochran
Major Jack O. Colle
MG A. Harry Conrad, Jr.
John Cunningham
MG O. J. Daigle
Fred Dent, Jr.
Alfred Glassell, Jr.
Adolph Gueymard
COL Charles Hair, Jr.
Turner Lux, Jr.
Dr. Henry Olinde
Dr. Gordon Peek
Dr. Gerald Posner
Oscar G. Richard III
Calvin Lovell (Cal) Robbins Jr.
Dr. John Roussel, Jr.
William V. “Billy” Scruggs
Lt Col Gilbert Slaughter, Sr.
Judge Carlos Spaht
James W. Stephens
W. L. “Bill” Tidwell
Kenneth W. Tipton, Sr.
Bert Turner
COL Walter S. White