1LT Kurt J. “Joe” Perque, holding the flag at right, and his platoon hoist an LSU flag at Camp Taji, Iraq, after conducting air assault training exercises. Perque, platoon leader in the 10th Mountain Infantry Division in support of Operation Inherent Resolve, earned a degree in international studies in 2015. He participated in ROTC, was commissioned in 2015, and reported for active duty infantry in 2016.
The flag, which was flown at the Lod Cook Alumni Center/The Cook Hotel, is being escorted by 1LT Lisa Lewis (2016 MSW), executive officer of the 10th Mountain Infantry Division, to Baghdad, to be flown at the U.S. Embassy.
“Next I’m going to see if the aviation unit can get it some air time in neighboring countries,” Perque writes. “My intention is to have this flag flown over as much of the region as possible and get certificates and pictures to authenticate.”

LSU at Camp Taji